Top 6 Forklift Servicing Tips To Save You Time & Money

19 Oct 2016

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A forklift can make or break a business. Having a fully serviced forklift will ensure that the machine operates at its maximum performance level. Not only that, you will see major savings in fuel consumption in the long run. Having said that, here are 6 forklift servicing tips that can help you save time and money.


1. Complete your daily checks

It is important for every forklift operator to start the day by performing a thorough spot check of engine oils, fuels, radiator water, tyres, seatbelt, mirrors, brakes, horn, lights, rating plate and so on. The operators should also look around the forklift to identify any leaks or visible damage like dents. These checks are quick to complete and should be done on a daily basis. Identifying errors early will reduce the risk of expensive repairs later on.


2. Raise your fork tynes

Many operators often drag the fork tynes around on the ground, which causes excessive wear and tear. This process also uses up more fuel and at the same time wears out your fork tynes. Hence, it is recommended to raise your fork tynes when operating the machines to avoid unwanted repair or replacement cost.


3. Keep your forklift clean

Depending on your usage, a forklift is exposed to dirt, mud or even corrosive chemicals and other harsh substances. Cleaning it once in a while can prolong its working life and improve its efficiency. It is essential that you have compressed air to blow the unit and its radiator out weekly to prevent blocked radiators, which are among the most common forklift maintenance issues.


4. Keep an eye on your batteries

The battery is the fuel for the forklift. It is essential to closely track your batteries for problems such as recharging issues, connection issues or too old batteries. Consider following best practices for charging and re-charging the battery. Also, battery maintenance is often overlooked by many people. Proper care and maintenance can save you significant costs and expand the life span of your forklift battery.


5. Fit a speed controller

Speeding is a regular cause of forklift instability leading to a tipping forklift, which subsequently results in forklift related injuries. In order to stop speeding operators, consider fitting a speed controller or speed limiting device, which can improve site safety as well as lower your fuel expenditure. This way forklift operators can worry less about their moving speed when doing the job meaning higher productivity.


6. Don’t wait till the next service intervals

While operating, forklifts can behave abnormally or components can wear out suddenly. If you see a problem or unsure if it could be an issue or not, get professional help immediately. Don’t leave it for the next service interval as you may incur a much more significant repair cost for the damaged forklift.

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