Top 5 Benefits for Forklift Hire

16 Nov 2017

forklift hire Perth - 5 benefits

For many businesses, having a forklift truck is essential for their everyday material handling operation. While many decide to buy one outright, some often opt to hiring one instead. In this article, we’ve rounded up 5 main benefits of forklift hire over forklift ownership.

No initial capital cost

One of the major benefits of hiring a forklift is that there is zero initial investment of buying one as even a used forklift can cost around $10,000 upwards. Hence, companies struggling with cash flow like new companies will often choose to rent instead of forking out a large lump sum to buy a forklift.

no initial investment with hiring a forklift

Another great thing about hiring a forklift is that all the charges are considered as your business operating costs making them 100% tax deductible. Not only that, knowing exactly what you pay every month makes it much easier to plan your budget ahead of time more efficiently.

Minimal or no maintenance

Most forklift hire providers will include forklift service and repair costs in the monthly hire cost meaning there are no additional maintenance costs for you to worry about. Also, you can rest assure knowing all your hired equipment are compliant with OH&S standards and will be updated at the expense of the forklift hire companies.

hiring a forklift requires minimal or no maintenance


In case your business needs the assistance of a forklift for a specific job or for a period of time, renting a forklift is a great idea as you only have to pay for the usage time required. Whether you are seeking short term, long term or seasonal usage, you will be able to find the right forklift for your rental needs.

At Simons Mechanical Services, our range of Perth forklift hire equipment includes electric forklifts, internal combustion counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, hand pallet trucks, skid steer loaders and many more.

Breakdown replacement

Another benefit with forklift hire is that you don’t have to worry in case your forklift suddenly breaks down. If the forklift hire company isn’t able to fix it immediately, another one can be sent out to you asap at no additional cost, which means minimal disruption to your business operation. So if money or cash flow is one of your issues, consider hiring a forklift from buying and it will prevent you from stressing out over a large bill in the event of a sudden breakdown.

forklift hire no need to worry about breakdown


When you buy a forklift outright, you are often stuck with certain specifications meaning there are limits to what it can do all year round. With renting, there is far more flexibility available to ensure seasonal requirements can be attended to more cost effectively.
For instance, during peak periods of the year, you can hire additional forklifts to meet the demands and simply request less when periods quieten down again.

When your company is growing or moving premises, renting a forklift will provide you with more flexibility when it comes to adding or removing machines from your fleet. In other words, if your hired forklift is no longer suitable for a certain period of time, you can work something out with your current forklift provider to make sure the hired equipment meets your circumstances.

At Simons Mechanical Services, our dedicated team will go out of our way to ensure you receive top-notch services when it comes to hiring a forklift. To us, there is no solution that fits all, simply discuss your individual business needs and we are more than happy to customise a forklift hire solution that fits you best and at affordable prices.

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